Understanding Pharmaceutical Lawsuits

By on 10-01-2015 in Pharmaceutical Lawsuits

Though prescription drugs are created as a way to benefit our health, negligence and malpractice for medicine manufacturers or doctors themselves can frequently cause many ill-fated adverse outcomes. Sadly, one common region in which this is most evident is in the area of congenital birth problems.

One recent case of a medication that contributes to congenital malformations is Zofran. Though secure if utilized properly, “off-label” prescriptions along with misleading marketing practices have resulted in the Food and Drug Administration issuing alerts regarding this drug’s association to a number of congenital defects.

Regrettably, Zofran, that was originally approved for treating nausea and emesis in cancer and post-operation patients, is often prescribed “off-label” to expectant mothers who experience similar symptoms.

Regrettably, certain medications are not the single threat that newborn and unborn children encounter. For example, kids that are new-born also run the danger of developing cerebral and Erb’s palsy. Erb’s palsy and cerebral tend to be due to carelessness on the part of medical practitioners. Failure to uphold standards that are medical by using resources that are medical unnecessarily yanking the infant’s brain at the wrong time, or pulling too much on the shoulders can often result in a youngster’s progression of Erb’s Palsy or cerebral.

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