The Devastating Effects of Head-On Motorcycle Collisions

By on 4-30-2018 in Motorcycle Accidents

For years, millions of Americans have tackled the roadways on motorcycles. There is nothing like the wind blowing in your face as you ride down the highway on two wheels. It gives a sense of freedom, calmness, and connection with nature. Also, motorcycles are fuel efficient, and you can meet tons of interesting people that are also motorcyclists. It is no surprise, given all of this, that motorcycles have become so popular.

Unfortunately, riding a motorcycle comes with serious risks. Just the other day I read a tragic story about a motorcyclist who was killed after he collided with a passenger vehicle head-on. The accident was virtually unavoidable. The motorcyclist was suddenly launched from his bike after the impact and was found dead shortly after that. It was indeed tragic for his family and the community.

After I read this tragic story, I decided to do a little more research on head-on motorcycle collisions. I was very interested in seeing what could cause these accidents, and what the choices would be if something this tragic had happened to me. During my research, I came across a thorough article by McCutchen and Sexton. The article revealed the scary, unavoidable truth that I feared I might see: head-on motorcycle collisions are often caused by the negligent driver in the oncoming lane.

The article explained that these violent collisions may be caused because of cell phone use, intoxication, or improper traffic maneuvers by negligent drivers in oncoming lanes of travel. The unfortunate thing about these collisions is that there is nothing the motorcyclist can do. Even the most vigilant, skilled, and aware motorcyclist can have his life taken away because the oncoming driver had to check his Facebook page.

Despite the unavoidability of these types of accidents, a motorcyclist can take some measures to try to minimize the risk of injury or death. Proper equipment is a must when hitting the roads on your motorcycle. Protective gear includes helmets, jackets, pants, gloves, and boots. Also, body armor pieces can be purchased to minimize trauma. If you are new to motorcycle riding, or if you stumbled across this article before you decided to buy a motorcycle, it is important to realize that you should always be wearing protective gear when you are on the road.

Again, even the most skilled motorcyclist can be the unfortunate victim in a head-on collision. This is because, according to the article above, the most common cause of these collisions is the negligent conduct of the opposing driver. As unfair as it is, it is essential to understand the risks of these types of accidents and what you as a motorcyclist can do to prevent serious injury. Be aware of the dangers of a head-on collision. Understand that no matter how skilled you are, these collisions are unavoidable. Know what you can do to minimize your risk of injury if you are unfortunate enough to get in this type of accident. If you’re still not convinced, check out the latest news article of a head-on motorcycle collision that happened in your area. That will change your mind.

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