The Devastating Effects of Head-On Motorcycle Collisions

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For years, millions of Americans have tackled the roadways on motorcycles. There is nothing like the wind blowing in your face as you ride down the highway on two wheels. It gives a sense of freedom, calmness, and connection with nature. Also, motorcycles are fuel efficient, and you can meet tons of interesting people that are also motorcyclists. It is no surprise, given all of this, that motorcycles have become so popular.

Unfortunately, riding a motorcycle comes with serious risks. Just the other day I read a tragic story about a motorcyclist who was killed after he collided with a passenger vehicle head-on. The accident was virtually unavoidable. The motorcyclist was suddenly launched from his bike after the impact and was found dead shortly after that. It was indeed tragic for his family and the community.

After I read this tragic story, I decided to do a little more research on head-on motorcycle collisions. I was very interested in seeing what could cause these accidents, and what the choices would be if something this tragic had happened to me. During my research, I came across a thorough article by McCutchen and Sexton. The article revealed the scary, unavoidable truth that I feared I might see: head-on motorcycle collisions are often caused by the negligent driver in the oncoming lane.

The article explained that these violent collisions may be caused because of cell phone use, intoxication, or improper traffic maneuvers by negligent drivers in oncoming lanes of travel. The unfortunate thing about these collisions is that there is nothing the motorcyclist can do. Even the most vigilant, skilled, and aware motorcyclist can have his life taken away because the oncoming driver had to check his Facebook page.

Despite the unavoidability of these types of accidents, a motorcyclist can take some measures to try to minimize the risk of injury or death. Proper equipment is a must when hitting the roads on your motorcycle. Protective gear includes helmets, jackets, pants, gloves, and boots. Also, body armor pieces can be purchased to minimize trauma. If you are new to motorcycle riding, or if you stumbled across this article before you decided to buy a motorcycle, it is important to realize that you should always be wearing protective gear when you are on the road.

Again, even the most skilled motorcyclist can be the unfortunate victim in a head-on collision. This is because, according to the article above, the most common cause of these collisions is the negligent conduct of the opposing driver. As unfair as it is, it is essential to understand the risks of these types of accidents and what you as a motorcyclist can do to prevent serious injury. Be aware of the dangers of a head-on collision. Understand that no matter how skilled you are, these collisions are unavoidable. Know what you can do to minimize your risk of injury if you are unfortunate enough to get in this type of accident. If you’re still not convinced, check out the latest news article of a head-on motorcycle collision that happened in your area. That will change your mind.

Tragic Biking Accident in Burlington Results in One Death

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Biking can be a fantastic mode of transportation. It’s healthy, it’s cheap compared to a car, and it’s great for the environment. Riding outside during a nice day can be a great way to spend an afternoon, and most big cities have plenty of great bike trails designed where you can ride and experience the outdoors with your family. As people become more fitness and environmentally conscious, biking is becoming a more and more favored way to get around. No matter where you are in a big city, you’ll probably see many people biking along the side of the roads along with the vehicles.

Bikes are generally safer than cars—after all, someone falling off their bike is unlikely to be as hurt as someone who gets into a high-speed collision in their vehicle. But still, that doesn’t mean they are completely safe. As this personal injury website says, bikes do not have very much protection for when you’re traveling on the road. If a car collides with a bicycle, because the cars are so much larger and going at much higher speeds,  the rider will likely end up injured or worse.

Recently, the city of Burlington, Iowa was devastated by the result of a tragic bike accident. Darryl Hensley (nicknamed “The Mad Hatter”) was a popular DJ in the town who’d been working as a host for KZEV-FM radio station since the 1970s. He was a member of the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and was a key figure in the development of the city’s music scene. He was well known for his sense of humor, featuring a large repertoire of comedic impressions and political commentary. Though he’d stepped back from the role of being a regular host in recent years, he was still involved in running the radio station KBUR.

Hensley was killed while returning from dinner with a local bike club. A car struck him as he was attempting to make a left turn, flinging him off the hood of the vehicle. He was pronounced dead at the scene by EMTs, who said he had died instantly due to the trauma of the car accident.

Hensley was an avid biker and had been for years. But even experienced bikers are vulnerable to accidents. When you ride a bicycle, you must be aware of your place on the road, and how vulnerable you are. Drivers will be looking out to avoid hitting you, but it can be difficult to miss a fast moving person riding a small vehicle. If they’re not expecting it or not paying the proper attention., an accident may occur too quickly for them to react. When you’re riding, making sure that you’re always keeping an eye out and staying aware of your surroundings. Always wear a helmet and, if you’re biking at night, reflective gear. Biking is fun, but you need to stay smart to protect yourself so that fun isn’t ruined by an injury or death.

Motorcycle Accidents Often Due to Careless or Negligent Behavior

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Besides being fuel-efficient, a motorcycle can also be maneuvered easily through tight spots and past heavy traffic – these are just a couple of the many reasons why a motorcycle is an excellent means of transportation and why it continues to become famous among Americans.

The only major worry for motorcyclists is their vulnerability to severe injuries due to the lack of gear, other than the helmet,which will protect them form the force of impact in the event of an accident. Thus, to help protect riders from serious harm, the American Motorcycle Association (AMA), the world’s largest motorcycling organization, tells its members and encourages all other motorcycle riders to always wear additional protective gears, such as gloves, a jacket, and the appropriate pants and footwear, whenever they will ride. All these, of course, should be worn with a helmet , one that complies with the standard of safety required by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Records from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) say that there were 112,000 motorcycle accident in 2012. 93,000 of these accidents caused riders serious injuries, while 4,957 claimed riders’ lives. This only means that while it is true that motorcycles provide lots of conveniences, these also cause great risks. Majority of motorcycle accidents, however, according to the NHTSA, may be blamed on drivers of cars and other types of vehicles who never anticipate a motorcycle on the highway, or who fail to give motorcyclists their right of way.

The major cause of fatality among motorcyclists is head-on collision. This type of collision can severely injure and leave a motorcyclist with an amputated limb or with a permanent disability. It is a sad fact, however, that so many of these accidents are actually due to negligence or carelessness. These acts of negligence or carelessness are followed by many different kinds of wrong results, including overspeeding, drunk-driving, a driver (of another vehicle) failing to notice an approaching motorcycle while making a left turn, a vehicle tailgating a motorcycle, failure of local government agencies to repair defective roads or make sure that roads are cleared of hazards, and so forth.

Since negligence can be dispelled through simple acts of diligence, a negligent or careless act resulting to an accident is, therefore, very much preventable. As strongly pointed out by motorcycle accident lawyers from the law firm Schuler, Halvorson, Weisser, Zoeller & Overbeck, P.A., accidents caused by negligent drivers should render them totally liable for the consequences of their failure to act responsibly and with due care. Thus, in the event of an accident, it may be to the advantage of an injure motorcycle rider is he/she were defended by a highly-competent motorcycle accident lawyer.